Applying for an Australian Visa – What are Your Choices?

Each country has its visa options, and each of these options is addressed for a specific purpose. There are student visa, spouse visa, work visa and many others. Australia has these options offered as well for international communities. For more information visit Family Immigration.

Work Visa

Under work visa, there are various options to choose from. The kind of work visa you apply for will also depend on the kind of work you take. Working visas include Working Holiday, 457 and the Skill Select program. The visa that you will choose under this category will depend on whether you are sponsored or given work by an employer or still looking for a job when you get to Australia. It will also depend on the span of time that you will be staying in the country. You can apply for this visa with the help of a migration agent or not. The working visa is as follows: General Skilled Migration, Working Holiday, and Skilled Graduate.

Skilled Graduate Visa

The Skilled Graduate visa is a temporary way for international students to work after they have graduated from a university. Most of the time international students that graduated from tertiary education apply for work to gain valuable experience before they return home and apply it there. This is offered for international students that have studied for at least 16 months at any educational institution in Australia. They should also possess a degree, masters degree or doctorate. Depending on the situation you are in, the visa is usually valid between 18 and 48 months. This also allows you to live, work and study in the country.

Student Visa

This is already self-explanatory. If you wish to take your tertiary education in Australia, you will need this visa to gain entry.

You will need to search for the school that you wish to attend. If you can’t find a university that is best known for the kind, of course, you wish to take, you can ask for assistance from an education agent. This will help you get to a university fast. There are instances wherein you can’t choose a school, especially if you are one of the qualified students to take the special program offered by a particular school. Once you have those above ready, you need to acquire for the provisional “Letter of Offer” coming from the university or school that you have applied to. Other documents include the CU or Confirmation of Enrollment. All of these must be presented to get your student visa.

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