Mother of Plastic Sheeting Visqueen Plastic

Visqueen plastic is a thin plastic sheeting that is useful for a variety of indoor and outdoor tasks. Available in multiple colors and thicknesses, this plastic is provides a basic moisture and debris barrier at an affordable price. It is lightweight and available with a variety of treatments depending on the task in which you intend to use it. While it works well as a moisture barrier and protective cover, most visqueen plastic will degrade under direct exposure to sunlight in just a few months. This makes it less than ideal for permanent outdoor use as a covering.

  • Concrete work: By covering curing concrete in visqueen plastic panels, you can prevent dirt and debris from embedding on the surface. This also helps to deter moisture and protect from light rains during the curing process.
  • Landscaping: Black visqueen plasticcan be placed on the bottom of flowerbeds or stone walkways to prevent weed growth. The plastic prevents physical penetration of the weeds as well as blocking sunlight, nutrients and water from entering the soil. Prodigy Plastics manufactures high quality plastic fabrication in Adelaide. Another popular landscaping use for Visqueen plastic is lining and shaping decorative ponds. The plastic sheeting provides protection from erosion and helps to keep dirt and debris settled within the water for a cleaner appearance.
  • Painting and Construction:Visqueen plasticis an ideal cover for painting projects or other home renovations. Its lightweight design makes it easy to place and dispose of it after the project is completed. Instead of spending hours cleaning up drywall dust or stucco remnant, simply gather up the plastic and throw it away. As a paint drop cloth, it prevents damage and staining due to drips and spills.

Depending on your project, visqueen plastic sheeting is available in a variety of formats. It is easy to find at most home improvement retailers as well as on the Internet. When shopping for visqueen plastic, there are a few things to consider:

1.)  Color:Visqueen plastic is available in a variety of colors. The most popular colors are transparent, white and black. White visqueen plastic is ideal for creating a visual barrier or using as a tarp, whereas clear plastic sheets and black visqueen plastic are typically used for clean up and containment.

2.)  Size: Most often, the product in sold a roll for easy handling. Common widths include range from three feet to 40 feet. Lengths often start around 50 feet and extend as long as 400 feet. While larger rolls are available, their weight and size often require specialty ordering, handling and delivery.

3.)  Thickness:Visqueen plastic is most often made in thicknesses ranging from 4 mils to 10 mils. Thicker plastics provide a sturdier barrier. However, they often cost substantially more than thinner plastics and can weigh more as well.

4.)  Function: Certain visqueen plastic sheeting varieties have added chemicals or materials to provide extended benefits. Common types include painting and acoustic visqueen. Painting plastic is made slightly thicker to help easily contain spills and prevent rips and tears. Acoustic visqueen, when used with other noise dampening materials, can help to reduce the noise between rooms of a home of business.