Why It Isn’t Easy To Quit Smoking?

We have seen lots of smokers out there who keep on puffing, inhaling the nicotine and exhaling the smoke. They look so cool when they are doing it. There is no spot of regret or guilt on their end. However, to those who want to quit this can be a long battle ahead. If smoking brings positive feeling to the smoker, it would be very difficult. It can lead to unending debate between the smoker’s mind and self whether to stop the habit or not.

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To fully understand why, let’s take a look at certain reasons as to why it is too hard for a smoker to quit. The following are the reasons as to why smokers can not quit that easily:


  1. No compelling reason.


First things first, there is no compelling reason as to why a smoker should stop. Why would he stop? The family members and friends are alright. He can still breathe and function normally. What’s there to quit? Once there is a very strong reason that he should stop the habit, it would be a matter of time. The next time we know it he will not even be tempted to smoke again.


  1. Best stress reliever.


Others have viewed smoking as the best stress reliever. They can get access to it any time. Just light up the cigarette and they are good to go. Few minutes later, they are all energized and ready to face pressure, stress, and much more.  It serves as a good ally to those who want something to hold on to at times they get overwhelmed with something.


  1. Gives pleasure one puff after the other.


Lastly, it does give off a pleasurable sensation with every puff. Thanks to the works of the nicotine as it is being inhaled to the body, then getting inside to the brain. It interferes with the works of dopamine and other chemical. In return, such interference is deemed pleasurable to the smoker. As for the smoker, it can be an advantage.


The above-mentioned reasons are three of the top reasons why smokers never quit. Can you imagine taking off something out of you when you know it feels good? When it feels good, would you even dare to stop it permanently and never look back. This would be a difficult decision isn’t it. Plus, relapses may come and worst, a smoker is going to smoke more than he was ever before to compensate for the days he stopped doing it.

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